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The coast Austreim - Bergen

Sognefjord Boating want to ensure that your boating vacation is filled with good experiences. In addition to experiencing the coast and fjords on the west coast by boat, our goal is to help you identify some of the best activities, attractions and dining opportunities the Norwegian West-coast can offer.

The overview is either based on our own experiences, advice we have received from people we know or positive coverage from the press. We welcome suggestions from you who read this to continually improve the overview. We wish you a pleasant boating vacation!

Activity Description Time Place
Municipality Nearest port Website
Kjelstraumen Vertshus Dining experience in 400 year-old inn, about 29 nautical mil north of Bergen. All season Kjelstraumen Austreim Kjelstraumen Brygge
Fedje Fedje is a small coastal community on the North Sea, and consists of about 125 islands, islets and skerries. All season Fedje Austreim Fedje
Bergen Havn Experience the vibrant harbor "Vågen" in Norway's second largest city "between the seven mountains". The city which was founded by Olav Kyrre in 1070, has a lot to offer in terms of activities, attractions and dining experiences. All year Bergen Bergen Bergen Gjestehavn (Vågen)

Quicksilver 605 PH

QS605PH2 1

Kaasbøll 590

K590 1

Beneteau Antares 680

800 Beneteau Antares 2

Askeladden P66 PH


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